For General Partners

Evaluating approximately 500 funds a year, Atlantic-Pacific chooses to represent only six to eight non-competing mandates per annum that we believe will complement limited partner portfolios. Through our careful selection process and customized fundraising approach, we have a proven track record of achieving fund targets in highly competitive markets.

We strongly believe that investor intelligence is invaluable. We not only market funds to limited partners, but also listen to, learn from, and engage with investors on a daily basis to ensure we are at the forefront of trends and issues. Atlantic-Pacific's command of the alternative investment space through ongoing discussions with active institutional investors provides critical insight on current allocations, the types of funds in demand and fund terms.

In the aftermath of the recent global credit crisis, we concluded that the traditional placement agent business model required significant changes to more effectively serve our general partner clients. Before, placement agents had been well-rewarded for simply introducing general partners to limited partners. This approach worked well for a market with lower levels of investor scrutiny, fund competition and regulation. Today, Atlantic-Pacific has implemented a superior business model that best accommodates  the current environment and offers general partner clients more comprehensive services in terms of advisory, distribution, project management and logistical support.

We collaborate closely with general partners to:

  • Advise on general market conditions, including recommendations with respect to the minimum and maximum amounts of investor subscriptions to be raised
  • Consult on strategy and tactics for initiating discussions with prospective investors
  • Identify, prioritize and arrange meetings with qualified institutional investors
  • Assist with preparation of offering memoranda, other marketing materials and limited partnership agreements
  • Coordinate travel logistics (flights, transfers, hotels, etc.) associated with investor roadshows
  • Process all due diligence requests
  • Drive investors' processes to final closing

Atlantic-Pacific's knowledge of consultants' and investors' processes across multiple offices and jurisdictions ensures a coordinated strategy that avoids missteps in garnering capital commitments. We never lose sight of our primary goal of reaching clients' fundraising targets in the shortest amount of time with a diversified investor base. Focusing on this objective enables our general partners to exit the fundraising market as soon as possible and allows them to return to what they do best: invest. 

For more information regarding our services, please contact Raed Elkhatib.