Atlantic-Pacific provides a full-service, thoughtful and customized fundraising approach to each of its clients. Through comprehensive preparation and a well-coordinated distribution process, Atlantic-Pacific generates fundraising momentum that results in raising more capital over a shorter period of time. Since 1995, Atlantic-Pacific has developed a reputation for achieving fundraising targets, even in the most challenging economic environments.

For General Partners

Evaluating approximately 500 funds a year, Atlantic-Pacific choose to represent only six to eight non-competing mandates per annum that we believe will complement limited partner portfolios. Through our careful selection process and customized fundraising approach, we have a proven track record of achieving fund targets in highly competitive markets. Learn More


For Limited Partners

Atlantic-Pacific has a long-standing reputation of introducing high quality and unique opportunities to institutional investors. It is this reputation that the team focuses to uphold each time it brings a fund to market, making it critical to represent only funds in which we believe. Atlantic-Pacific uses a stringent fund selection process, much like that of the most demanding investor, centered around comprehensive due diligence including background checks and performance testing. Learn More