For Limited Partners

Atlantic-Pacific has a long-standing reputation of introducing high quality and unique opportunities to institutional investors. It is this reputation that the team works to uphold each time it brings a fund to market, making it critical to represent only funds in which we believe. Atlantic-Pacific uses a stringent fund selection process, much like that of the most demanding investor, centered around comprehensive due diligence including background checks and performance testing. In addition, our team spends significant time with the manager in order to understand the reasons a limited partner should consider its fund offering. We are aligned with limited partners to distinguish the talented managers from the rest.

Atlantic-Pacific strives to add value to limited partners by running an organized fundraising process. With heightened cautiousness and today's regulatory environment, limited partners are performing substantially more invasive due diligence. We work with investors to help complete all necessary steps in evaluating the opportunity, providing thorough and timely responses to information requests as well as transparency along the way. We are persistent about the offerings we represent while respecting the processes that today's investors must follow.

Moreover, Atlantic-Pacific is engaged beyond the typical agent level and can discuss overall portfolio composition and specific investment strategies within the framework of the broader private equity market.